Monday, April 23, 2012

Marilyn Monroe: August 5, 1962

"Bound to adore you, fatherless child"

Au revoir Marilyn...if there's a wish, pay your visit to Mr. Dickens. For he, like many another literary man, is bound to adore you, fatherless child."

- Norman Mailer

"Dream baby dream...forever"

- Alan Vega/Suicide

Help I feel life coming closer
When all I want to do is die

- Marilyn Monroe

Ah... the patron saint of Beautiful Losers.


They got it wrong. Narcissus wanted to drown.

... Her appeal? ... just make it back into her arms and nothing could ever get you. No guilt. No nothing. Held forever in the soft embrace of death and forgiveness.

She once called the ocean 'a big mother'. She knew.

So she might say... “This evening it’s only us. Forget all before and all to come, stroll the sand 'til twilight and watch the waves roll in.”

"Dream baby dream...
Maybe it was the way she ignored fate, just tempted it, at night her eyes in a come-hither and lips parted, while each morning, unsure and weak, she steadied her sanity against the walls of her own tomb and bled out the voices in her head. That took real guts.

She was — and went the way of — all flesh. It's puzzling — with her unseen — she has become even more.

That baby doll voice whispers a prayer more than a promise... And you leave her alone at dawn. You're supposed to. Just like everyone else before.

For she belongs now on the coastline, wet hair, and cold salt spray running dark rivulets down the curved glass of her face and body.

Strange the way things work out. A sepulchral blonde asleep and curled on mink, dreaming of life ...forever"

...and Ever